Thursday June 25, 2015  


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  What is the S&P 500?
  What is the difference between the E-mini & larger futures contract?
  What are the quote symbols for each?
  How much is an S&P 'point' worth?

Our services

  What do I need to get started?
  Where can I get real-time streaming quotes?
  How much time will this take me?
  How much money do I need to get started?
  What is the minimum subscription period?
  Tell me more about your Money Back Guarantee
  How long till a free trial is activated?


  What is a trading signal?
  How are signals delivered?
  Is there a signal every day?
  Do I have to keep orders overnight?
  Can I trade options using your advisory?
  Do I really have to follow all of your signal?
  A signal was within the day's range, but you ignored it. Why is this?


  I don't understand your performance tables. How do they work?
  What is leverage or margin trading?
  What is the 'Constant market exposure' you refer to?
  What maximum loss / draw down I should expect?
  What is the win / lose ratio of your trades?


  I am a foreigner - can I trade the S&P 500 with your service?
  I need a one-on-one advise. Can we set this up?
  Do you know of any (online) brokers?
  How much should I expect to pay in commissions?
  Do you execute trades for clients?
  Do you take money in deposit?
  Do you trade your own account?
  Can I get access to your technology and source codes?
  Do you offer advice on other products?

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