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You are about to subscribe to our services which come with an unconditional Money Back Guarantee as follows: We will reverse your subscription charge ($1200.00) if at the end of the validity of your subscription, our aggregate trading signals do not generate a gross profit greater or equal to the subscription charge.

For purposes of gross profit computation, the observation period of the trading signals starts on the day following your successful billing and ends on the last day of validity of your initial 90 day subscription. The basis of computation is the trading of one single SP 500 contract with a value of $250.- per 'point', without consideration for collateral costs such as transaction fees. To further illustrate, a buy signal at 950.00 followed by a sell signal at 951.00 amounts to a gross profit of $250.00.

Subscriptions are strictly personal and are for a minimum 90 continuous calendar days. They give you access to the private area of our site as well as a thorough online User's Guide describing in detail all steps you take to trade on the daily signals and access to our "hot service" for any trading related questions.

Once this form is submitted, the information you enter will be processed in real-time by SPtrading.Com. You will get an immediate e-mail confirmation of your account information (Username, Password, and Full Name).

If for any reason you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 2 hours, please contact us at register@sptrading.comfor further information.

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In the very unlikely event of a more general technical problem with the Internet, our contingency plan is to distribute the day's trading signals by fax. We'd like to ask that you submit a fax number for your benefit, but it is at your discretion:

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I (we) hereby authorize SPtrading.Com to initiate charges (and, if necessary, adjust credit entries) to my (our) credit card as specified.

This authority to remain in full force and effect until SPtrading.Com has received written notification from me (us) of its termination at least three days prior to expiration of subscription term. Be sure to view our Policies and Legal Disclaimer before subscribing.

Amount to be charged: $1200.00 Initial subscription term: 90 Days


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